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May 03, 2018 at 08:06 PM

ABAPers, how is your team work organized?


I'm looking for some examples of how different ABAP teams organize their routine work. In particular, I'm interested to hear about small teams (<15) but feel free to share any experience. Specific items of interest:

1. Assuming everyone has some sort of a ticket system, is it in any way interfaced with SAP? If not, do you reference tickets in some way when making changes (e.g. in CHARM or in transport name)?

2. If you use CHARM - what is your impression? Is it helpful or rather just annoying?

3. If you don't use CHARM - how do you manage changes?

4. Do you do code reviews? If so, what is your process like and are you happy about it?

5. Moving transports to QA - do you have any special process or any restrictions?

6. Any unusual processes that you have (had) and especially like or dislike.

Reason for the question: I've been a solo developer (with occasional help from consultants) for several years but even before that I happened to work in the teams where we just had good relationships and sort of a natural flow without any formalities. But currently I'm looking to improve organization in a very mixed team and simply don't have that kind of experience myself.

Thank you!

P.S. Some good information on ABAP work can be found in this post but my question is more about the organization and process.