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Nov 07, 2008 at 12:14 PM

Patch/Configuration required for Action Profile trigger workflow in CRM2007


Hi Experts,

I created an action profile and an action on CRM5.2 server and associated a workflow to it. I then associated this action profile to a business transaction and tested it.

The action profile was able to trigger the workflow without any error.

After doing this, I replicated the same configuration on CRM 2007 server keeping sure to enter every minute detail as done in 5.2 server.

Even after making an exact replica, the action profile is not able to trigger the workflow successfully.

I have a doubt if this could be a version problem or if some other system settings are missing in CRM 2007.

Please suggest if any extra configuration needs to be done or if a patch needs to be applied to help action profiles trigger workflow without error in CRM 2007.

Thank You.