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Former Member
Nov 07, 2008 at 11:59 AM

Can GENERATE SUBROUTINE-POOL be used to declare globally visible variables?


Dear experts,

I'm dreaming of using the GENERATE SUBROUTINE-POOL statement for data declarations in a function module that are supposed to be visible afterwards globally in the entire function group. Is that possible?

In fact the problem that I'm trying to solve is about creating internal tables(declarations) dynamically in a 4.6-System where "CREATE DATA xyz TYPE TABLE OF xyz" as well as the newer RTTI-methods do not exist yet and where the "standard" way of doing it with CL_ALV_TABLE_CREATE=>CREATE_DYNAMIC_TABLE does not fit my needs because it may well be possible that we're exceeding the limitation, that this method can only be called 36 times during one program run.

There's a lot to read about this topic in the forum and I actually searched and read a lot. In case there should already be an answer that I just haven't found, please have mercy with me.

Thanks in advance