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Nov 03, 2016 at 04:50 PM

(SAP Design Studio) Charts don't diplay in Grid Layout


I am using SAP Design Studio 1.6. In my dashboard report, I have multiple charts in different pages.

In my testing of the report, all charts display correctly in most of the computers. However, for one particular PC, charts in grid layout don't display correctly, while charts on a blank canvas always display correctly.

The symptom is like this: for charts on grid layouts, only one chart in the same page will show up initially, so when a page has 4 charts for example, only the lower right corner chart will show, and the other 3 being blank. When I mouse over any chart located in a grid layout, the chart will disappear, leaving a white canvas behind. It is as if the grid layout comes to the top level and blocks the chart.

I updated Java for that PC, but the issue still persists. I can't reproduce the issue on other PC after I tried 5 or 6 other computer.

Has anyone have similar experience and possibly any solution?