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Nov 07, 2008 at 09:10 AM

How to fill LRAW data type from an internal table?


Hi experts,

I have a data type LRAW.



It is said that: LRAW: Uninterpreted byte string of any length, but has to be declared with a minimum length of 256. Fields of this type must be located at the end of transparent tables (in each table there can be only one such field) and must be preceded by a length field of type INT2. If there is an INSERT or UPDATE in ABAP programs, this length field must be filled with the length actually required. If the length field is not filled correctly, this may lead to a data loss in the LRAW field! A fields of this type cannot be used in the WHERE condition of a SELECT statement.

So my question is how can I store data in ZLOG? I want to store the content of an internal table into ZLOG, but I don't know how to use INSERT statement correctly. What should I do with ZCLUSTR?