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Nov 07, 2008 at 08:43 AM

Problems with collective search help


Hello SDNers,

I was working with collective search help.

Ex : zc_srch1 (Collective)

In the 'Include search help' i have included 2 search elementary search


Ex : zsrc1 and zsrc2 (both elementary)

I have also assigned the parameter assignment for each included search help.

I have also mentioned the search help parameter under definition tab

Ex field form zsrch1 and field1 from zsrch2

and also checked the import and export checkboxes.

Now i have used the search help in the abap program

ex: tmp type field1 matchcode object zc_srch1.

Now when i execute the program the collective search help is getting populated. when i try to choose a value it is not getting selected to the parameter box.


Ranjith N