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Nov 07, 2008 at 08:17 AM

Oracle Database Auditing/Logging


Im working in a banking environment. There is a banking system that runs on Oracle version The connection to the database is as below:

1000 Users----

>Application -


There are about 1000 users that logon to the application. All their activities are logged by the application. However, the application connects to the database via a user called SYSTEM. There a VERY high volumes of transactions passed onto the database generated by the users.

Now, there are DBAs that access the database directly and not through the application. Is there a way i can audit or log all their activity such as changing records, deleting appending etc without logging changes to the database that come from the users? We tried logging/auditing that but it also captured all the updates to the database that were being made by the users through the application (the very many transactions) and this slowed the system down drastically. Is there a way we can audit/log activity of just the people (DBA) that log directly to the database? Please assist urgently. Without their logging, there is a great risk of fraud as they can alter data directly.