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[Not-a-bug] Downvotes are missing from the activity stream

I noticed that there are no downvote notifications in the activity stream.

Out of idle curiosity I wanted to have a look who else downvoted SAP Standard ABAP Class for User Management?. Couldn't see anything. Dug deeper, can't see a single downvote anywhere.

If it's deliberate, then why display upvotes and hide downvotes? I don't think it should be hidden. For the record, I even provided a reason why I downvoted it - I think this should be done more often.

In general I think it should be easier to see who up/down/liked a question/answer/comment.

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  • @Mike: It's not a bug, it's a feature. ;)

  • Hi Mike, Thanks for sharing your perspective on this. It's a very interesting topic and one that we have revisited often.

    When we switched to the new Q&A platform, we decided not to show who down-voted. Since down-voting was new to the community, we decided to keep it anonymous, and wait and watch to see how down-voting was being used. We made the decision in the context of an industry review, privacy considerations, and then we revisited with the UX team as part of their lineup work. From a behavioral stand-point, some members are less likely to down-vote if they are not anonymous - for example, shy personality, new members who are less confident. But I've also been in your situation, wanting to see who voted.

    I've seen on other communities, some members add a public comment to explain their vote, similar to you.

    Sajid Amir can you share anything more as it relates to planned changes to the activity stream.

  • As noted above, this is a feature (not a bug), and it had been addressed in Customer Influence (where features are proposed and voted on: Therefore, I am going to close this question.

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