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Nov 06, 2008 at 03:09 PM

Inventory status for a date in the PAST with BATCHES with VALUE



How can I get a status REPORT of all inventory as on a date in the PAST with BATCH numbers and VALUE?

The following ready reports do not solve my problem:

1. Inventory Status: This gives CURRENT date inventory QUANTITY only.

2. Inventory in Warehouse Report: This gives CURRENT date only, no BATCHES.

3. Inventory Audit Report: Doe not give BATCH numbers and ignores qty without transactions.

4. Inventory Valuation Report: Meant for "what-if" only.

5. Inventory Posting List: Does NOT give BATCH numbers

6. Batch Number Transactions Report: Doe NOT give VALUE.

I suppose an SQL will be required for this requirement?


Ajay Audich