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Several issues ("downgrades"?) with SP06 (Admin UI, Default values on forms, Processes)

Hi colleagues,

I was curious if someone else already experienced the three following "downgrades" that came with SP06 and was able to fix them or to create a Workaround:

First one: It is not possible any more to use Default values on your Attribute tab on a form. Neither do fixed values work (e.g. "Test") nor the reference values taken during form execution (e.g. "%ADMINMSKEY%"). So this:

is resulting in this:

If I delete the Default values "Test" AND "%ADMINMSKEY%" it's working fine. Only using one of them also doesn't work. I used this at a customer with some custom reference attributes and I had to rebuild the whole process after upgrading.

Second one: Apparently you cannot get your Job Log Details from the Admin UI anymore. In the Details section there was an Option to get the Job Details as an XML or HTML file. This is not working anymore:

I'm not sure what the Intention behind the removal of that Feature is. Again, customers have been using this...

Third one: This is the most problematic issue in my opinion. We had a lot of completely messed up processes in the Eclipse Process Flow Diagramm during development. This happens on a regular Basis and we always have to rebuild the whole process. Checking the package in and out or layout the diagram does not help. Example:

This is very annoying and time consuming.

We're on SP06, latest patches applied.

Does anyone have the same issues? Any advice would be appreciated.

Best regards,


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4 Answers

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    Posted on May 03, 2018 at 08:49 AM

    Hi Steffen,

    first one is fixed already with latest patch.

    Regarding the last one, this one I experience since I know 8.0 (SP1). But unfortunately it happens randomly. Did you find a way to reproduce it?



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    • Hi Norman,

      thank you - I couldn't find anything about the fixed issue in the patch release notes though. But good to hear that it has been adressed.

      We're also seeing processes mess up since SP00, however not in this large number. We tried to reproduce it but apparently it's completely random. To us, it appears that it has become worse with SP06. Can you also confirm issue #2?

      BR, Steffen

  • Posted on May 05, 2018 at 08:57 AM

    Regarding issue #3 (messed up task diagrams): I think the root cause of this problem is cyclic task links in mxp_tasklnk created by the editor in some cases. I share Norman's experience that this is not specific to SP6. It happens in earlier support package levels as well. In my case, it happens in SP4 and SP5.

    My workaround to solve the problem is to have a look at the links relevant for my workflow diagram via SQL:

    select * from mxp_tasklnk where taskref=<taskid of process you're looking at>

    If your process contains conditional tasks, switch tasks or linked processes, you'll need to repeat that query for taskref=<taskid of these inner tasks>. You'll find that there's one or more tasklnk value (i.e. link target) which occurs more than once in the union of all these result sets. Hence, this task has more than one parent in the context of your complete workflow - a situation that is not allowed. In your example screenshot, it's easy to recognize that the task ACT_mailToSunIDMAdmin is affected by such a problem, because it has two incoming arrows.

    My solution is to delete the execess link(s) via SQL from mxp_tasklnk, commit the transaction, and then close/re-open the workflow diagram in Eclipse. Needless to say that it's easy to completely mess things up that way. Use at your own risk.

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  • Posted on May 03, 2018 at 10:40 AM

    Hi Steffen,

    yes, I can confirm issue #2, have not realised it yet (always used job log in Eclipse). I will open an incident to address it.

    Furthermore the "Show All Values" option for display forms does not work anymore, but this is already addressed.

    Can you please open an incident regarding #3, to increase awareness of the issue. So far it looks like I am the only one reporting that issue to development.



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  • Posted on May 03, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    Hi Steffan, Norman,

    The issue regarding the Job Log in Admin UI has been raised already with us and a fix is currently being worked on by our Developers.

    Kind regards,


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