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Nov 06, 2008 at 02:12 PM

Full Repair/Init/Delta & LO Cockpit Information required



I'm pretty new to BW and I'm starting to dig a bit more now into the deeper stuff now. I've created Cubes with Extractor from R/3 and now I'm interested to understand more the LO Cockpit various specificities.

For a better understanding, let's establish a scenario as --> Activation of R/3 SD Billing --> BW --> DSO --> Info Cube

Ok, first, let me start by explaining what my understanding is.

First, I need to go into R/3, t-code LBWE, and under the "13: SD Billing BW", activate the extractors I'm interested in (Header & Item as an example in my scenario). I'm also assuming that the default fields within the extractors are suiting my needs so no adjustments needed for now. I should also schedule a job here that will create records in the Waiting Queue on a daily basis.

Next, I need to fill the setup tables from the t-code SBIW; I enter a date in the future, it runs for a while, then I get my data prepared. In the setup table, it included all the existing R/3 invoices as of now right? (1) Let's say there are new invoices created minutes after I've created the setup table, they will be sent to the Waiting Queue as soon as the document are created or will the schedule job created earlier will post them to that Queue? (2) If the job send them to the Waiting Queue, where are sitting the pending documents before being sent then? (3)

Now, on my BW system, once the Data Source have been replicated, what do I need to create and execute to be able to proceed with a Delta process? (4) I know I have to create a u201CInitu201D package 1st but have no clue why except that itu2019s needed for me to be able to create a u201CDeltau201D package afterwards. Technically, what does the u201CInitu201D package really does? (5) What is the reason to have a u201CInit without datau201D and u201CInit with datau201D, I mean, I know literally what it means but again, why would I choose one over the other? (6)

Iu2019d also like to understand the concept behind a "Full Repair" request, which I have no clue what the purpose is. I guess there some of these properties (Full Repair, Init) determines where to get the data on the R/3 side; Setup Tables or Waiting Queue? (7)

Please, provide clear respond (Donu2019t assume I know what youu2019re think of 😊) on my questions (identified by a bold number) and don't hesitate to provide a long one if needed to; it's better to provide more information than not enough 😊

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

P.s. I'm working with BI 7.0.