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May 02, 2018 at 02:42 PM

BADI for Adjustments

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Hi all,

We are on BPC 10.1 HANA- EPM 28 and we have a scenario where an Input Form performs the adjustments. For this the business wants to utilize a BADI.


Set up:

ModelName: DevPlan

EnvironName: Sys1

5 dimensions.

Department - Has the dimension members needed for the adjustments

Input Form Set up:

Report1 :

Account1 Account2

Department 1 100 1000

Department 2 200 2000

Input Form 1:

Account 1 Account2

Percentage (Stored) 5% 2%

Adjustment_Dep 1 5 20

Adjustment 2_Dep 2 10 40

When the data in the input form is saved, the badi should deduct the adjustments from the department and post a value : (Account1, Department1)- (Account1, Adjustment_dep1 ) : 95 in this scenario. The adjustments apply for all the accounts.

Now I have looked at two options:

1) through Custom logic

2) through writeback - I think this is appropriate, please advice me if it is otherwise

With Writeback, I have seen the Method in PreProcess Writeback badi

What are the changes I need to do to implement something like this? How can the Method be changed i.e. to perform the calculation and write it back to the Department 1 member?