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May 02, 2018 at 01:00 PM

How to Copy Cost Account Values from y-1 to y based on historical contribution


Hi all,

I am looking for a best-practice for a specific business case, where Personnel cost is planned as a percentage of Net Sales (based on previous year contribution).

We have a business case, where (for example..) personnel cost for 2018 is planned based on previous year (2017) contribution. The contribution is calculated by (Personnel cost 2017/Net Sales 2017).


- for 2017, we have the actual Personnel Cost and Net Sales

- for 2018, we have already planned the Net Sales.

- Now we want to plan the Personnel Cost. In this way: Personnel Cost 2018 = (Personnel cost 2017/Net Sales 2017) * Net Sales 2018.

I am looking for a best-practice to do so. I tried for instance the allocate/distribute processing functions, but since you can not set the account as both source and target in these processing functions, it did not help me out yet.

Any help/suggestion is welcome!