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Nov 06, 2008 at 10:19 AM

prblem in actual cost calculation..


Hi GURU,i m doing cost calculation...1st i have done cost order in production order..they gave massage see log....

in log massage,

message NO. CK465,

No Price could be determined for material /batch,Shirt_LP/plant LP01,

Diagnosis:- The system could not calculate the price for material /batch,Shirt_LP/plant LP01, for valuation view 0,because none of valuation strategy in valuation variant LPV successfull


1,Check master data for material /batch shirt-lp/in plant Lp01.

2. if u have authorization for customizing ,check valuation strategy,for material in valuation --- material master i did not put the std Price in accounting view,of material master

but in raw material i have put moving avg price....

....but when i do GR with MB31..same massage gives.....

....kindly suggest me what to do...

i have created plang cost with CK11n,but i want to actual price...

kindly suggest me..