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Nov 06, 2008 at 08:55 AM

Allow maintenance of central master data (M_MATE_MAN) for special material



our requirement is: "Allow maintenance of central master data (M_MATE_MAN) for special material type and restricted access for an other material type"

There is a central material type "ZAHG" and there are other material types like "ZAHV","ZAHW",...

The user should be able to modify all types of material but with the following restrictions:

material type "ZAHG":

- the users should not be able to modifiy the central material master data (M_MATE_MAN activity ) but they have access to mm01, mm02

(The basic views of the ZAHG material will be created by the MDM-Team.)

all other material types:

- the users should have full access to setup and modify the other material types (M_MATE_MAN activity 01,02,03)

I tried to restrict the access by using the objects M_MATE_MAR and/or M_MATE_MAT but I think the problem is that the M_MATE_MAN has no field BGRU.

The user is also able to modify the central data of the ZAHG material.

Any ideas?

Best regards,