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What to expect from hana service on sap cloud platform neo?

May 02 at 06:58 PM


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what can one expects from hana service on sap cloud platform neo? Documentation says 1.0 SP 12 is available but there seems to be differences from onpremise hana 1.0 sp12..

For example:

Is HANA XSA available?

Is WebIDE available?

HDI container?

CDS aspect?



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2 Answers

Lars Breddemann
May 04 at 02:24 AM

If only there was a description of this HANA service, hm?

Fortunately, there is. We call it "documentation":

There's are also free training courses available for SAP Cloud development, like

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Hi Lars,

yes, I know this documentation. However there are a lot of problems with the NEO part of this documentation (eg restrictions TOC entry not listing major restrictions; having directoty entries containing the phrase "Web IDE" while seemingly no WebIDE being abailable; not mentioning anything on XSC, which seems to be available; not containing anything about security; other documentation saying HANA 1.0 SP12 always contains XSA...) that I have lost trust in especially this documentation, which is why I asked here (fortunatly most of SAP's documentation is way better than this piece...).

So rather than pointing to a useless, incorrect and incomplete documentation which does not answer any of my questions, it would be more helpful to give concrete answers to my questions.



Wolfgang Röckelein


the documentation lists what the "HANA Service" is offering in the two cloud environments: access to the HANA database functionality.

It does not say: "this is an equivalent to an on-premise SAP HANA system".

From what I can tell, it does not list any application server functionality (neither XS nor XSA) as part of this service. That means that it's not part of this service. This holds true for all functions: if they are not explicitly mentioned, they are not available.

For lifecycle management, there is even the explicit statement that no automatic lifecycle management is available.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "CDS aspect" - but since you are able to access the "Web-Based Workbench" (not the Web-IDE!), you are indeed able to create and activate HANA CDS resources.

Speaking of the Web-IDE: can you point out where you found this term mentioned in the service documentation? I searched for it but couldn't find it.

All in all, I believe the questions are in fact covered and that the mentioned course would also help with getting a better grasp on the idea of the database-as-a-service offering.




Hi Lars,

with CDS aspect I mean this.

You hit the problem on the nail: this documentation lists practically nothing. When you want to know more, you have to go to the HANA Platform documentation, which on the other hand does not list DBaaS restrictions...

Also XS(C) is available, despite not beeing mentioned, well, practically not mentioned, cf here.

I wrote "Web IDE", not "Web-IDE" and this is used in the title here.

I want no "grasp on the idea", I want a definite listing on what to expect, eg. regarding CDS syntax.

For example, you can try to find the restriction that you can't have MDC with a 32GB memory size. Hint: It is not mentioned in the TOC entry Restrictions....

Also eg with updates, only says version xyz is available (and links to which links to, which obviously talks about onpremise systems...). Is the information from detailing the changes for HANA 1.0 then applicable or not?



Lucas Vaccaro
May 04 at 07:28 PM

Hi Wolfgang,

HANA XSA is not available on SCP, but you have Cloud Foundry :)

Same to Web IDE with the Web IDE service.


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Hi Lucas,

thanks for your answers. Unfortunatly for a company having contracted "SAP Cloud Platform, app services package" (any edition) from no Cloud Foundry is available without paying extra...