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Is it possible to change batch in EWM if this is inherited from the ERP?

May 02 at 03:09 PM


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Hello team,

I do have a big question for you. I have been working on this issue for weeks and I was not able to find out a solution.

Scenario: Batch split with a different batch (in EWM) when Batch is inherited from the ERP.

STEP 1: We create an Outbound Delivery in the ERP with material + batch (batch determination runs at SD level and it is working fine).

STEP 2: This Outbound Delivery is copied into EWM with the material quantity and batch.

STEP 3: I create the WO/WT to pick the material. This pick is from the FIXED BIN AREA.

STEP 4: When I pick the material, for any reason the material is not available or damaged or missing, therefore it's a short pick (I used an exception code BIDP)

I need to substitute / change the batch in order to fulfill the complete quantity.


I tried the exception code CHBA and it's not working, it might only works in bulk scenarios.

I tried to create a subitem, but it copies the same batch and I cannot change it.

I tried to create a new line, but the item type doesn't show anything, perhaps because it's not a Direct Outbound.


Is it possible to change or split the line item to add a new batch in EWM, if this is inherited from the ERP?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hendrik Schulte-Bahrenberg May 07 at 10:47 AM

Hi Irene,

we solved it by extending the system profile for field control with the batch number field. In addition we implemented Badi to set the change indicator for this field to 'M' in case it is given as 'E'. So whenever user opens ODO in PRDO the field is open to be changed.

It is not a 100% 'clean' solution but confirmation to ERP is working fine for us but you still want to check whether this part would still be working in your environment.



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