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Relationship between BW extractor 0CO_OM_NWA_2 and table RSADD

Dear all,
Business is using standard extractor 0CO_OM_NWA_2 (Controlling, Actual Costs) to report on costs associated with the project structure (PS module, TRx CJ20N). The ERP system is customized to include customer field "ticket number" in CJ20N on material level below a network activity. This field has been included in table RSADD and can be filled using TRx CJ20N.

My requirement is to add this field to a BW report. My approach thus far was to enhance the standard extractor with coding to use the extractor's RFBN, REFGF, REFBZ fields to go into table MSEG, find the reservation number and position (RSNUM, RSPOS, RSART) and go into RSADD from there.

This works fine with physical materials.

Now, business has started using service materials (Z-material) that do not constitute a physical good. I've observed two strange behaviors:

1. No MSEG entry exists for my material reference document (RFBN, REFGF, REFBZ) -> perhaps this is a leftover of a data migration last year?

2. Fields RSNUM, RSPOS, RSART are empty for my MSEG entry.

In case 2 I have played with the idea of using fields AUFPL, APLZL and MATNR to go into table RESB and find the RSNUM, RSPOS and RSART infos from there. However, I fear that if the same material is added to the network activity twice this approach may not yield a unique hit in RESB, therefore, I will not be able to match my extractor record uniquely with the new field to enrich from RSADD.

Does anyone have an idea of what's the best way of getting my RSADD field added to the extractor? An extra big thank-you if you can comment on observation #1 as well :)


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