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What is your recommendation on pulling data from webservice on view open action with C4C SDK?

May 02 at 02:53 PM


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Dear community,

I am currently gathering the possible approaches how to refresh the customers view in C4C from a 3rd party backend. The request shall be pull based.

It would be ideal if it would be possible to use an "open view" action instead of a static custom button to trigger the call.

We have all the means to trigger the call but I am particularly interested in the action, where to plugin the request. All events seem to be blocked that would suit the case. Only the "beforeSave" etc are allowed to be enhanced. But of course that is to late since the view is already loaded. Of course we don't want to implement new facets for all standard views only to be able to insert our webservice update calls.

Do you have any further recommendations to refresh the customers view on demand?

Kind regards


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2 Answers

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Pramodh Patil
May 02 at 10:00 PM

Hi Martin,

Option 1:

is to add an empty EC on the header. And in the inport of the EC, configure a read operation on same BO followed by a custom action. In the custom Action you can write the logic to call the web service/refresh.

Option 2:

Check if Onload event is available for your extension object and you can write the logic in here. However On Load event is called on when ever the Retrieve method is called, so be careful as it could lead to performance issues.



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[Update] Option 2- The event is called Event After Loading, and here you can only update Transient fields.


Or transient objects, right?


Thanks for your suggestions so far. Option 1 is very close to what we are looking for. To my understanding this would involve creating custom facets from the standard ones for every tab on the customers view that needs refreshing. So this would be quite some overhead.

Apart from that what object type are you referring to? Below the BOOperation to read the BO there are couple of options like "Script" or "Post". What type did you mean by custom action?

Kind regards


Andrei Vishnevsky May 03 at 07:17 AM

I'd personally follow option # 1 proposed by Pramodh. However, it can be not empty, but actual EC where you would display your 3rd party data.

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