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I'm currently struggling over the question if to setup a MDC or a HANA XS database, when I want to create a database system at SAP Cloud Platform.

Can you give me the short pros/cons of HANA MDC vs. HANA XS database type?

In addition, when I create a HANA MDC on SAP Cloud Platform, can I somehow access the SystemDB?

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Johannes. You can run XS applications on an MDC database. Is it perhaps MDC (multitenant) vs SDC (single database), you are thinking of? Regards, Morten

  • Yes exactly, that's it.

    If you choose to install a database system in SAP Cloud Platform you can choose between MDC or "HANA XS" (what probably should be renamed to SDC or something.) But yes, basically speaking of this difference.

    And how can I access the SystemDB of a MDC on SAP Cloud Platform.

    Best regards


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    May 10, 2018 at 04:42 PM

    Hi Johannes,

    Basically the MDC will allow you to develop multi-tenant applications. An exemple might be that your application source is the same for multiple customers. So you deploy it once and according to its configuration the application will have data segregated at the database level as well as at the application context. Application multi-tenancy could be achieved by deploying your application and database to a provider account and subscriber accounts will just use your application. Internally your application should "detect" in which context it is running and connect to the db tenant. Since each tenant is completely unaware of each other, data segregation is automatically implemented by the system so your application will not have the risk of displaying data from one customer to another.

    With the db standalone this scenario could be achieved, but it would bring a load of complexity to the application in order to "deal" with the data segregation.

    For on-premise systems it has also a direct relation to DB scaling and load-balancing. For standalone deployments this is hard to achieve and will most likely need to rely on 3rd party software. Whereas for MDC, this is implicit and will only require proper installation planning. On SCP this is irrelevant because scaling the db is done by SAP internal operations and should be completely transparent for you.


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