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HANA Trial: XSOData - 405 Method not allowed

May 02 at 08:38 AM


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I had to work on a HANA Trial Account for a showcase. I created two XSOdata services which works for me in Firefox perfectly (The project was developed in Firefox with the certificates turned off to avoid SSO with my D-User.)
If I now try to run the SAPUI5 App which consumes the Odata Services I get the error message "405 Method not allowed" - but only if I'm in another browser or on another device.

So to archive this I created the following file in the SAP HANA Web-Based Development Workbench:

And after that I created the following destinations on the SCP:

The sensordata destination works always, it's from the IoTMMS.

Thank you,


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There isn't really enough information provided here to say much. What request is returning 405? What was the request method? Could this have been the CORS pre-flight check that is failing. Were you testing the service directly before but now calling it from within a web page with a different host/port than the service itself. If so CORS is the likely cause.

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Thomas Jung

I provided some screenshots in my post.

If I got it right I'm using the destinations in the SCP to handle Cross-Origin-Requests, or? And it works in the browser I used for development, but if I login with another browser and the same account I get the 405 error.


Hi Luka,

I believe what Thomas meant is missing here is an http trace (using F12 on your browser) so we can determine which http request is failing with a 405 error.



you may need to provide additinal screenshots - see if you can use postman and get some output screenshots and analyze the network tab of your browser tools --- this request should be doing a GET method to be able to read the data. additionally, in your odata service, you may also need to specify a key in the odata service end point.

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