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MaxDB 7.6 datafile lost

May 01 at 01:26 PM


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Hello community,

I have an old instalation of SAP ERP 2005 ECC 5.0, with MaxDB 7.6 as database, on Windows Server 2003 R2. Some days ago one of the harddisk fail, and the first datafile was gone.

I have a 3 months old full backup, and all the log files from there to now. I have prepared a new harddisk and can attach it to the file system, but the datafile is lost, and I can no recreate it.

Now I have to take the recovery actions, but I am not sure wich one must be.

  1. Need I try to recover the full data and log backups over the actual system?
  2. Or, Must I create a new installation and recover the backups on the new system?

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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Bartosz Jarkowski May 01 at 01:30 PM

You can recover the database over the existing database. No need to do a new install.

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Thanks for the quick help, Bartosz Jarkowski !!

But I have the doubt about the disk damage. Before the recovery procedure, Need I to format another disk and attach it to the system with the same disk letter (like F:) before the recovery procedure? In the documentation there is no tips about that.

thanks again!


Yes, you need to firstly attach the disk (otherwise you don’t have where to put a missing file). You need to format it and assign the drive letter (the best would be if you can use the same letter).

I’m just curious, did you have just this one datafile on this disk? Where are other datafiles?


The file system was like that:

  • C: [WinOS]
  • D: [sapsoft & maxdb]
  • E: [logs]
  • F: [datafile 01]
  • G: [datafile 02]
  • H: [mirrorlog]

The disk F: crash. On this disk there were only the first and mayor datafile, with fixed size.

On disk G: the datafiles grow dinamicaly.

Now about that. I can format a new disk and attach to the filesystem, and even asign it the same drive letter. My question is, Will the recovery process ask where to create the new datafile or it will asign the "F:" disk in an automatic way?


No, the recover doesn't care the name of the data file. All you need to do is the prepare data volume size in maxdb, no matter which location the data volume is, then triggeer restore.