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Nov 04, 2008 at 05:23 PM

Problem saving universe with different name



I want have a copy of my Universe with different name. As we have only one instance of development and no test enviroment,

we need two universes with different connections one poiting to dev and another pointing to test.

For that we want our TEST Universe to be saved as TEST1 and TEST Universe pointing to DEV connection and TEST1 to TEST


What I did is in Designer, Imported TEST universe(original Universe) and saved it as, TEST1 and also changed the universe name in the Parameter

tab as well. After, I created a test folder in my local machine, and saved a copy of my TEST1 universe locally

and when I am trying to export it to the repository into the another folder(different folder than where my TEST universe is

exported), I am getting error "Cannot Save Universe (UX0047).

Is this a permission issue with the new folder where I am trying to export or any other issue.

Please share your thoughts.