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Fiori analytical app-' Procurement overview page' app does not display any data.

May 03 at 09:59 AM


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Hi all,

I am trying to implement the standard Fiori app 'Procurement Overview Page' ('F1990')/S10OP ) . I have activated the components & odata services and tested it. I get a perfect response. Roles 'SAP_BR_PURCHASER' & 'SAP_BR_BUYER' has also been assigned to the required user. I have even followed this blog for component activation and role assignment. I am able to see the tile in my Launchpad.


But when I open the app, I didn't get any analytical information.

Did I miss something? Where am I going wrong?

Can someone help me with this?



tileimg.png (36.8 kB)
appimage.png (40.5 kB)
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Do you see any errors in the network tab of the developer tools?


Under request payload I am able to see this error.

component.png (42.9 kB)

The response of the server would be more helpful.

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2 Answers

Tejas Chouhan May 08 at 06:19 AM

Hi Ramya,

Procurement overview page is a type of Fiori element. Which means the analytical information or data you see will be available in the form of cards. Please understand the concept from below page. See below how the page looks like. Hope you have activated the Overview page and all the cards relevant.

The screenshot you have provided is a "List report application" - another Fiori element. So if you want to see the analytical behaviour or a summary of most important data, you can always go for OV page.

Please note : Activate /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/PRC_OVPS1 in SICF transaction.

OData service to be activated :






The cards which will be activated using the PFCG roles you have applied are :

This table shows the business catalog roles required for each card on theProcurement Overview app:

Monitor Purchase Contracts

Monitor Purchase Requisition Items

Monitor Purchase Order Items Monitor RFQs

Purchasing Spend

Purchasing Spend Trend

Non-Managed Spend

Off-Contract Spend

Supplier Performance Monitoring

Supplier Evaluation Trend

Purchase Requisition Touch Rate

Purchase Requisition Item Types

Monitor Open Activities

There is also a backend role required: /SRMSMC/ACTIVITY_MANAGER

So please search for the cards and not the app.



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Hi Tejas,

I just need a confirmation from you. Is it necessary to have the component MM_PUR_HBA in SB01? Currently we don't have this.

And if I understand correctly, you want to me to activate all the mentioned cards as separate apps.right?

saurabh vakil May 04 at 06:52 AM

Do you see any missing authorizations in SU53 in both your backend and gateway systems?

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No..I don't see any authorization error in SU53.


procure.png (14.2 kB)