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Getting "Some Errors occur during the update of the repository model"

May 03 at 09:29 AM


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I'm getting this error message. I've seen a previous question regarding exactly the same error 4 years ago, that was abandoned eventually without solving.

1. Why PowerDesigner gives a so vague and abstract error message without any hint on how to solve the problem? Such kind of errors message are as useless as unhandled error messages. That's basic Software Development.
2. How can I solve this problem? I'm not being able to push my development to the repository and thus this is creating a problem for the company.


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To help us think about the problem, please describe the scenario.

  • What type of model is it?
  • Is it already in the repository? If so, is the current version frozen? Have you checked out the repository version of the model and compared it to the version you want to check in?
  • Are you using branching or change lists?
  • Is the model in a Project? If so, are you checking in the model by itself, or checking in the Project? has the model been moved into or out of a project since it was last checked in?
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1 Answer

Phillip Lam
May 04 at 03:31 PM

There are many reasons to cause failure of check in.

You can do the following to find out clue.

1) Check out the model and compare with the local one. Take only one change and check in. If it fails, study the change. If not, take another change.

2) Turn on ODBC trace, study the error in the log.

3) Check in as baseline. This allow you check in without comparing with previous version in the repository.

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