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component monitoring ABAP proxy and Message monitoring slow

We recently applied support pack 18 (from 13) on PI 7.31 dual stack system. We noticed that Message Monitoring on Adapter engine takes up a lot of time to come up. Noted that component monitoring has been changed in one of the support packs. After analysis, observed there is an OSS note that seems to address the issue

2369492 - Component Monitoring: long loading time on startup

The issue appears to be due to connectivity issues to ABAP proxy system (business systems) and the note appears to bypass this step during component monitoring. The connectivity to backend R3 systems failing with Name/password incorrect for PIRWB* user. Till to date , we had never configured this user in the back end systems.

My questions

1) Is there any release notes that talks about monitoring ABAP proxy from RWB and also the support pack when this was introduced. For some reason, when I looked at the different support packs release notes and I missed seeing the notes regarding this change.

2) Is there any way for us to specify a different user id (instead of PIRWB*) to monitor ABAP proxy? If so, where would the config be? we have PMISTORE destination configured for local host with PIRWB user in NWA destination.

Thanks for the support.

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3 Answers

  • Nov 04, 2016 at 04:34 AM

    Hello Krish,

    We had the issue you described in terms of component monitoring being way too slow.

    We were not aware of the OSS note 2369492 but we had to patch our MESSAGING SYSTEM SERVICE for another issue and post that the long load times for component monitoring was also fixed. So yes indeed, if you apply the patch as described in this OSS Note, the issue will get fixed! We had not activated the PI RWB Monitoring for our BackEnd Systems and hence cant confirm if doing this will make the load times faster.

    Question#1 -> This feature has been available since XI 3.0 days which is why probably you do not see any OSS Note that describes this feature. You can refer to OSS note: 1031773 that refers to this feature being available since XI 3.0 :)

    Question#2 -> To activate this -> you need to create the PIRWBUSER in all of your ECC Backend Systems. The PIRWBUSER should have the same password as the PIRWBUSER in your corresponding PI Server. We did not find any way to use any other user and ended up using the PIRWBUSER as the User ID to be created in ECC.



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    • Bhaven,

      Missed your reply regarding "not activating the PI RWB monitoring for backend system" . Is there a way to turn off the PI RWB monitoring for our BackEnd systems? How do we go about doing it?


  • Nov 04, 2016 at 02:20 PM

    Thanks Bhavesh. When I looked at the component monitoring in old SP (13), I do not see the ABAP proxy component showing up like it does now.When I was trying to put the trace for, there is a new folder compmoni which did not exist in the old system.

    Yes, I did see reference to monitoring ABAP proxy for the older versions, but ABAP proxy monitoring never showed up in older SPs for us before. Is it because we never activated it and it is now default? Did you have the issue only with component monitoring or also Message over (slow processing) before applying the patch?

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  • Jan 17, 2017 at 08:01 PM

    As per SAP , OSS notes 2327259 should fix our issue. We haven't applied it yet. Also, they indicated that "

    There's unfortunately no way to hide the Proxys in the Message Monitor. You could only delete the associations from the Integration Server to the ABAP Business Systems in the SLD, but I wouldn't recommend that"

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