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Nov 03, 2016 at 01:51 PM

component monitoring ABAP proxy and Message monitoring slow


We recently applied support pack 18 (from 13) on PI 7.31 dual stack system. We noticed that Message Monitoring on Adapter engine takes up a lot of time to come up. Noted that component monitoring has been changed in one of the support packs. After analysis, observed there is an OSS note that seems to address the issue

2369492 - Component Monitoring: long loading time on startup

The issue appears to be due to connectivity issues to ABAP proxy system (business systems) and the note appears to bypass this step during component monitoring. The connectivity to backend R3 systems failing with Name/password incorrect for PIRWB* user. Till to date , we had never configured this user in the back end systems.

My questions

1) Is there any release notes that talks about monitoring ABAP proxy from RWB and also the support pack when this was introduced. For some reason, when I looked at the different support packs release notes and I missed seeing the notes regarding this change.

2) Is there any way for us to specify a different user id (instead of PIRWB*) to monitor ABAP proxy? If so, where would the config be? we have PMISTORE destination configured for local host with PIRWB user in NWA destination.

Thanks for the support.