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get Material document number of Service PO

May 03 at 07:24 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have PO and Invoice details, I need to find the GR details.

Normally what we do is find MIGO number from RSEG table and get the details from MSEG, but for Service PO the MIGO number is not saving in RSEG table. I also check EKBE, there also I couldnt find MIGO number.

From which table I could get MIGO details of Service PO?

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Jürgen L May 03 at 08:00 AM

What don't you find in MKPF and MSEG when you use 5000408530?

Or are you interested in the service entry 1000098027? Already tried clicking on that number and to use F1 > technical field help in the next screen to know the table?

As both numbers, the material document (what you call MIGO document) and the service entry, are visible in the PO history tab, they are both contained in table EKBE, so this table EKBE has actually the link.

Now use SE16 and select the EKBE entries for this purchase order and find the reference which ties the service entry with the material document.

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Jürgen L May 03 at 07:39 AM

RSEG is invoice item

MSEG is material document item

If there was not yet an invoice then of course you can't find any entry in RSEG and hence no reference to a material document.

And if there was not yet a service entry then you will not find an entry in MSEG and EKBE.

Give a proof that you have a service receipt. From where do you take this assumption that there should be one? Invoices can be received and posted prior to a receipt

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There is Service Entry in EKBE and RSEG, but I want MIGO details. From which table I can get link between this service entry and MIGO

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