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May 03, 2018 at 09:40 AM

How can I configure SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud in SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication



I have the following scenario:

I have Hybris Marketing Cloud Test tenant.

I have SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Tenant (SCI).

When I go to the SCI tenant I see that "Hybris test" application is already created, but not the Hybris Production tenant. As I know, to configure the Hybris Production tenant I need an .xml file. My question is: (1)Where can I download this file to be able to upload it in SCI and complete the configuration? I made a support ticket in the support portal and SAP answered that SCI has two tenants, one "test" and one "productive", also that in the TEST SCI the hybris TEST must be configured, while in the PRD SCI hybris PRD must be configured. Then, when you have access to SCI PRD, (2)Is the PRD tenant of Hybris already configured by default?, What else I need to solve this?

Thank you in advance