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LSMW Issue for migration of balances

May 02 at 07:14 PM


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Hi All

During LSMW process, while recording I have used around 25 fields with 'default all' option. They are all visible. However during third step 'Maintain Source Fields'---object overview--table I can see only 20 fields.

Pls advice why other fields are not visible in third step.



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Jürgen L May 02 at 07:55 PM

In step one where you do the recording you actually define the target fields.

In step three you define the source fields, how they are in your Excel template.

There is nothing in step 3 which appears by itself, it is you who has to take care that all source fields from the template are defined in this step.

And if only 20 fields are listed then you may have to scroll down to see the other fields or to get empty lines to add further fields.

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Hi Jurgen

a) Thanks for the information. I had to add those during first step or after recording & it appeared. Now my problem is I m using FB01 for recording & during LSMW run it was not taking second posting so I decided to use LSMW RFBIBL00. However with this I m not sure how to use files. I have made two files. One header file (232) & second line item file with double line items than header. I want to create a separate document for each header with two line items. I m not sure how it will accomplished? How SAP will know that it has to break after every 2 line items to create a document. Do we need to use a separator? If yes how?

b) Also I saw somewhere that it is possible with LSMW recording too? He mentioned '

While recording the line items.., record the line item in the second row.., then record 'page down' button in the screen by pressing it.... This willl move ur record to the first row, and the second line will be available for accepting the next line item..'

Can you pls explain both?



Pankaj Adhikari

When you do a recording then you actually record one transaction, everything else would be a rather bad solution for a data migration. If you would record 3 postings then you could only process a source file which has a multiple of 3 records otherwise the last record would fail.

Each line in a Excel file (saved as txt or csv) actually represent a single transaction in LSMW, in case you have a flat source structure.

if you have 2 source files then you usually have a file with header records and another file with items which is subordinate to the header file. In this case a line in the header file represent a single transaction.

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Former Member May 04 at 04:44 AM

Dear Pankaj,

In step first you need to record the fields and after recording make sure all your target fields are not repeating.

then in step 3 you can provide the fields in structure by clicking on table maintenance icon ( in blue ) Enter fieldname, type and length for each field as shown:

Such as:

field name type length



May it helps.

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