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Where is the list of Questions I asked , Questions I answered and Questions i Participate?

Dear Team ,

I have been in SCN since 6 years , and more or less i was moderately active. I had a lot of stuff which i participated , questions answers and discussions.

Which was very help full , i had bookmarked most of the stuff and now all of a sudden everything goes.

Please help me get my data back.

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3 Answers

  • Nov 05, 2016 at 10:41 AM

    For now I recommend to use this Custom Google search

    Enter your name in the 2nd search field in the middle (not that on top) to get discussions where you participated.

    Bookmarks are currently no available, but often requested and already considered to get it back as you can see in the comment to this Idea

    Go also through other ideas and vote for the features your want to see

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  • Nov 07, 2016 at 12:11 PM

    Thanks Juergen,

    Kaushik why did you write so long boring answer including "Dont dwell in past , see the future"? Kindly be to the point this is a technical forum.And How much time i spend on community is my own personal decision. And moderator is answering me perfect and to the point and you are saying search before you post , buddy i searched and did not found anything about bookmarks. thats why i posted there were some intersting stuff i bookmarked now thats gone , i dont even remember why i had bookmarked.

    We all are here to make scn better place , we dont need people to target some 1 if they have asked something.

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  • Nov 05, 2016 at 10:52 AM

    1st of all the data which was visible to others in your old SCN is also available in the new one. You are reporting this matter today only whereas this new SCN platform was launched last month. It seems that you are not remaining active for many days. Now to answer properly to your questions 1by1, I have to say, that, like the old Discussion Threads that you created & had valuable answers & approved blog/documents are all listed in the SCN Archive. For example, The Discussion Threads created by you in the old SCN can be found in the below,

    Now coming back to bookmark & the unpublished content of yours or Unapproved Contents of yours are dropped & there is no Bookmark feature in this new SCN platform. It is applicable not only for you, but for each & everyone of us. So, this kind of contents can not be found any more, because that is called not to dwell on the past but to move to the future. Bookmarks can be done in your Browser & I will tell you what i do is my required essential links I always keep in a Gmail Draft & update that from time2time.

    In the old SCN, if you have participated in a Discussion Thread & also that Thread was containing some valuable information which could help other users, then that and all are transferred in the Archive Zone, you may browse by the following,

    this kind of steps are taken in this new SCN to keep it a clean, easy to access, easy browse for contents and the most important that the SCN place is not for any of us individual, it means the maximum knowledge sharing & maximum valuable content sharing. Your unpublished content, (if any) or Bookmarks that you kept in the old SCN was for your individual purpose, but this new SCN is built keeping in mind that is for everyone & all general purpose, it should not remain as a tool where we can put our garbage links or contents saved & thus capturing space. Please do not feel bad as because this matter is applicable for everyone of us. Also here is a Idea Place, in case if you feel that your thought/idea is a required thing, then please go ahead & search for similar ideas & up-vote to support or if not found any then can also create a new one there.

    I hope that next time before posting these kind of queries here, you would give it a try to search & go through the similar Questions posted by other SCN Users as because we are providing the same answers to everyone regarding this kind of matters.



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    • Dear Jurgen,

      I know, that using Full Name gets a long list, compared to by using @username. I know my process is not a standard way, but its also a way that we can use. I have seen scenario where many person having a common name & hence the result becomes not easy to find out the relevant ones.

      your first link has not a single question from him

      I did not mean to put a question to anyone, just answer only. Pardon me if I misinterpret anyway.

      Appreciate your search on the Idea Place.