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Disable own C4C Feed in Jam

May 02 at 03:00 PM


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Hi everybody,

how can I disable the feed in the following scenario:

I change a C4C object (e.g. an account or opportunity). The I get this feed displayed in Jam, that I changed the C4C object. If I have a lot of activites in C4C then it gets confusing in Jam to see the "important" feeds.

I don't want to disable the C4C feed for that specific object completly, but just for changes that the user made his/-herself...

Does a settings exists for this purpose?

Thanks and best regards,


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Christian Happel
May 02 at 03:56 PM

What you can do is to disable specific object types in your feed settings, for example so that you only see updates to your accounts, but not to opportunities:

I'm not sure if there are more settings on the C4C side to define what is generating a feed update.

In general I would say that the feed might not be the best place to work on. That's why SAP Jam has overview pages that allow to highlight exactly the information that's important. Usually the feed gets pretty busy really fast and then you have to browse through a long list of feed updates - even without object updates from business applications like C4C.

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Thanks for your response!

OK, that there is probably no specific setting to stop following activites of yourself.