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Nov 03, 2008 at 10:42 PM

CR XI Developer installation question, then upgrading to CR XI R2



I recently purchased Crystal Reports Developer XI via SAP's online store. Once this purchase was completed, I only had the option to download a single file named CRXIDev.exe - this installed (I believe) the base XI version of Crystal Developer.

We use this software in conjunction with a 3rd party's web application and they have recommended to us that we "upgrade" to CR XI R2. I have downloaded several service packs etc. from SAP's download site, and I'm starting to get confused as to what I should be installing to upgrade CR XI to CR XI R2. So, is this the correct thing to do?:

1) Install CRXIDev.exe and use the "Unlock code"/key that I got from the purchase.

2) Then, from the "Business Objects Support Software Downloads" site, I select "Crystal Reports" as the product, then "XI Release 2" for the version. From there, do I:

A) Download "Crystal Reports XI Release 2" (listed as a Hot Fix, dated 13.02.2008 - this appears to be SP2 versioned copy of CR XI R2) and then download either SP3 AND SP4 "incremental" (listed as Service Packs) OR the Service Pack 4 Full Build (although, I did that earlier today and it was corrupted, so I'm thinking to go the SP3/SP4 incremental approach)


B) Can I just install the Crystal Reports XI Release 2 build from scratch, without installing the CRXIDev.exe that I originally downloaded with the purchase, then upgrade to SP4?

The reason I ask is this: I'm installing CR XI on a test machine right now to test compatibility with not only the 3rd party vendor's web application, but some other side-by-side applications that also may use CR XI on the same machine. Ultimately, if this all works, I'm going to be killing the virtual machine I'm testing with, and installing everything for production status on a physical server.

My confusion is whether the download on the software downloads site named "Crystal Reports XI Release 2" is the developer version of the software, or something else. Or, is it the case that the software only installs the "Developer" edition if I am using a "Developer" unlock code/key?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.