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Gridview syntax to get cell value of item with column names blank!

Hi ,

I need to get the value of a cell but am having problems getting the syntax right!


Set GridView = session.FindById("wnd[0]/usr/tabsTABCJLE/tabpLEGR/ssubLISTE:SAPLCJWB:0902/tblSAPLCJWBTAB_902") session.FindById("wnd[0]/usr/tabsTABCJLE/tabpLEGR/ssubLISTE:SAPLCJWB:0902/tblSAPLCJWBTAB_902/txtPRPS-POST1[3,0]").CaretPosition = 4

'MsgBox ("Item= ") & GridView.GetCellValue(0, "Description") Tried this as well

MsgBox ("Item= ") & MsgBox("Item= ") & GridView.GetColumntitle(4, 0)

I've included a snapshot of the gridview I use to get the info to extract and have highlighted the cells I need!

I'd also appreciate telling me where I can get tutorials and/or documentation about scripting! There doesn't seem to be much out there!



capture.png (53.9 kB)
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  • OK If I change the set gridview to the following!

    Set GridView = session.FindById("wnd[0]/usr/tabsTABCJLE/tabpLEGR/ssubLISTE:SAPLCJWB:0902/tblSAPLCJWBTAB_902/txtPRPS-POST1[3,0]")

    I can then do msgbox("Gridview test = ") & gridview.test

    that work fine. But I still can't figure out how the get the values of each row without having to set the gridview to the more specific syntax that points to the row and column!


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