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The concept of SCN archive

I was wondering what the plan is for the SCN archive. I see users still look into it, find archived content easily via search engines. Sometimes the content helps, sometimes it’s just old stuff which doesn’t help anymore.

What the future of the archive here, how long will it be there? Over time, content will be less relevant/more error-prone. Is there any way to remove or correct archived content? Otherwise it will cause a lot of waste.

Starting point was that I found via Goggle old stuff such as, a discussion I’d like to delete if possible.

What’s the concept?

Best, Peter

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3 Answers

  • Nov 03, 2016 at 03:49 PM

    Who would have the time and money to review more than a million discussions if they are still valid? (and redo this exercise a year later?)

    I think everyone working for a while with the Internet should already be used to cases that links become invalid over time as well as the fact that the Internet doesn't forget anything.

    The archive is there to avoid that the same question is asked again, it is an invaluable treasure of knowledge. I could not even imagine what had happened in the last 4 weeks if the old discussions would not have been migrated.

    As far I understood will the search consider the number of votes and the accepted answers from the new discussions and the higher the votes are the higher the content is ranked in the results. Since it is not possible to vote on frozen content (archived discussions) the will loose importance and rank lower in the results, so they get out of sight automatically over time.

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  • Nov 03, 2016 at 05:03 PM

    I agree with Jürgen about keeping the old material - I bet there is still someone out there running 4.x!

    But, it would be nice to mark the archive up with a "No Longer relevant as version xyz". A lot a code and suggestions I see on a daily basis are obsolete, but as they are searched often and used often and they get perpetuated.

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  • Nov 03, 2016 at 08:08 PM

    For our product even 10 year old content is sometimes relevant. Please leave it alone. Its information, we need to retain it. Storage is cheap.

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