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May 02, 2018 at 06:46 AM

Asset Issue with migration values


Hi Experts,

My issue is below

We have migrated the asset balances successfully in 2015, but later we realized that there are two assets were migrated wrongly. These two assets values should only appear in IFRS depreciation (01) but not in Book depreciation (10). By mistake we have migrated in asset values in two depreciation areas 01 & 10.

While closing asset fiscal year 2016, user has realized this issue but then they have reversed only the GL balances for these assets not the asset balances. Not sure how they have closed 2017. Now while closing 2017 when user perform ABST2 GL & AA balances are not tallying.

Can you somebody tell us the solution how we can remove the asset values from Book depreciaiton area (10) without touching initial migration values.

Best Regards,