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How to use Transaction Mapping Settings in SAP Screen Personas?

I was wondering if anyone could shed some more light on how to use the Transaction Mapping settings in SAP Screen Personas, and exactly what scenarios they are used in?

The online help gives a bit of information, but I am struggling to fully understand the feature based on that and it's hard to find more information anywhere else.

Thanks in advance,

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    May 08, 2018 at 08:08 PM

    Transaction mapping is to cover a situation when you are in one transaction and you execute a function that is normally available in a different transaction, however you are still in the context of the first transaction.

    Let's say, you created Flavor "1" for transaction A. During processing of transaction A, you click on a button, which - internally - runs the logic of transaction B, for which you already created a default flavor ("2"). However checking the current transaction code, you are still in transaction A, so the flavor for transaction B will not be applied.

    In this case, you could create a transaction mapping, saying that whenever program B_PROG is active (which is the module pool for transaction B) and currently you are in transaction A, then map the transaction code to B, thus flavor "2" for transaction B will be applied.

    So if I understand your described example correctly, I think this is the scenario you were hoping for.

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    • Hi Tamas Hoznek

      Thanks for your reply.

      Yes, that is exactly what I was hoping for. However when I try this in our system, it only partially works as you describe. Here's the scenario. I have created a Flavor for IW32 (Change Order), the program in this case is SAPLCO1H. The same program is accessed from IW22 (Change Notification) by clicking on the "Edit Order" button in IW22. So in this case, exactly as you describe we stay in IW22 but program SAPLCO1H (the Change Order screen) is displayed to the user.

      My desired result is that in this scenario Personas will apply the Flavor that I have already created for that program/screen combination through IW32. So I added the following entry to the Transaction Mapping table.

      Program: SAPLCO1H
      Current Transaction Code: IW22
      New Transaction Code: IW32

      My expectation based on your description is that when SAPLCO1H (Order Screen) is called in the context of IW22 (Change Notification) that Personas will use the Flavor I have created for IW32 (Change Order). Unfortunately that doesn't work...

      What does work is if I make an entry in the Transaction Mapping table like this:

      Program: SAPLCO1H
      Current Transaction Code: IW32
      New Transaction Code: IW22

      In this case when I go to IW32 (Change Order) it loads the Flavor for SAPLCO1H (Order Screen) that I have created in the context of IW22 (Change Notification), which is as expected.

      So as a work around I could create the Flavor I want for the Order Screen (SAPLCO1H) in the context of IW22 and add the second entry above into the Transaction Mapping table, but that seems like a bit of a strange way to do it. Surely it makes more sense to build the Flavor for Change Order screen in IW32 and apply it to IW22 when it switches to that program/screen?

      My guess is that Personas is only checking this Transaction Mapping configuration when a transaction is initially called, so when I go to IW32 the mapping is checked and the Flavor from IW22 is applied (based on the 2nd entry above). But in the other scenario I go to IW22 and the program doesn't match SAPLCO1H initially, it only changes to that program after I click on the "Edit Order" button and at this point Personas is not taking the mapping into account. Is this a bug or by design? Perhaps you can shed some light on this. I guess I should also raise an incident via support.

      Thanks for your assistance.


  • May 02, 2018 at 11:47 AM

    Hi Simon,

    I will need some time, but I will create and share a scenario. I'll add a comment to my answer once I have done. (I'm not in my desk for a few days, so I cannot do it right now).

    Maybe another colleague can bring something faster.

    Kind regards,


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