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decimal rounding of goods issue

Hi experts.

I would like to ask you a question regarding rounding logic.

I have a material of which standard cost price is 16 while the price unit is 10.

(the unit price of this material is 1.6.)

Since the currency used does not allow decimal points, the values of accounts COGS and stock are supposed to be rounded to integers.

That is not anything wrong with that, but the problem is, the values in goods issuing seems not to be as the same as in goods receipt.

This happens in below situation.

In goods receipt, I received 10 all at once, so the stock account value of this material is 16 without rounding.

Let's say I ship this material 1 qty 10 times, the COGS value is mostly 2 (rounded up from 1.6) but sometimes 1.

It seems to be moderating the stock value left but I have no idea where to configure this function.

Does anyone know how the COGS value is determined in above situation ?

I would like to know by what the COGS prices are determined to be 1 or 2.

Any help is welcome.

Best regards.


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