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Personas 3.0 - SP6 / Slipstream - Template behavior is different for labels

May 01 at 02:22 PM


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I have a template that creates a Fiori-style tile for Personas. It doesn't render quite right in Slipstream, so I built a second one. It consists of a script button, two labels and an image placeholder.

On my original template (built under SP5), I gave my labels values of 'Title' and 'T-Code', which I would then change when I inserted the template. On the new template, which I created inside the Slipstream engine, I can no longer change the label values - they appear to be read-only (I checked and the properties don't indicate that they are).

I'm not sure if this was because I built them in Slipstream, or just a change in SP6. Does anyone know if this is a feature or a bug in SP6? I can put a label placeholder in the template, then insert a label, but it's easier to just include a label in the template design and change its value when I insert it.

One last item. Is there anyway to delete a template? I can create and edit, but I don't see an option to delete one. What about renaming them?


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2 Answers

Cristiano Hansen
May 01 at 03:38 PM

Hi Jeff

Could you clarify whether you have used the Notes Checker feature and see whether there are missing notes, related to templates? As far as I can see, there are already some notes template-related.

About deleting templates, please check the admin transaction. The first section, about "Object Maintenance", shows "Templates" as last item. There you can select a template and use the "Delete" button. Have you tried this approach?

Kind regards,


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Jeff Welsh May 01 at 04:33 PM

Hi Cris,

Thanks for the quick reply. I was actually just running the note checker. There are three new notes and one update that we need to apply. However, we show green on the ones that specifically mention templates. I'll see if there is any change after Basis applies the latest notes.

I see the template section in object maintenance and it looks like it will allow me to rename or delete templates, so that's exactly what I needed there.

Thanks again,


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