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Testing enterprise services

May 01 at 01:05 PM


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I am new to Enterprise Services so bear with me . A delivery order in ECC is creating a "intracompanytransportationrequestrequest_in" in SAP TM. I am able to see the values being passed to this service in the payload xml file.

Now, how can I change the values in this service and rerun it? I am trying to find a way to test it.

Above thread says : "If the webservice is already done, you will see it in soamanager transaction, there you must set the authentication and create the endpoint and service in order to generate the wsdl for seleted binding, this wsdl you must need to test via maybe SOAPUI , open a new project and give the http:.....wsdl link you receive from soamanager, remove the ? in the tags and test it, a network issue maybe result from this, check with the network crew."

For my testing, do I still need to set the authentication, create end points, select bindings for testing?


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Sarah Moes
May 01 at 01:34 PM

In SXMB_MONI, first download the XML payload you want to test. When you're viewing the payload, there is a button labeled "Download Window 2."

Next go to transaction SPROXY. In the Object Navigator area, select button Enterprise Services Browser. Directly below the Enterprise Services Browser button, click button Open Object (looks like a folder).

Click the search help/dropdown for field ABAP Name. Populate ABAP Type = INTF and Name = Intra* (or the full name like IntracompanyTransportationRequestRequest_In) and search. Note the Name is case sensitive!

You can also locate it in the menu at path Namespaces > > Packages > /SCMTMS/CMN_PRX > Object Types > Service Providers > Objects.

Select the interface for testing from the list. Click the glasses button, then the wrench button at the top to Test, then Execute on the pop-up screen (use the testing defaults).

In the next screen, you can load your test file with button Load File. To modify it, click on the button XML Editor followed by Pretty Printer.

After executing your test, you may need to commit your results to see the change in TM. To do this, use menu path Menu > Extras > Trigger Commit Work.

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Thanks for the clear instructions. I followed your instructions and ran the xml copy I downloaded.

I am getting "Successful with empty result- Commit may be required'. I . am triggering commit as you showed but when I go so SXMB_MONI, I am not seeing any XML messages generated.

any ideas?


Running a test in SPROXY will not generate a message in SXMB_MONI. You will be able to see changes to the related document in TM, though. Try changing something you can check easily and verifying that the document is updated. :)


I see . that its working. thank you

One more question : in TM, SXMB_MONI shows 2 identical entries separated by 1 second.

i checked the payload contents of these and they are identical. why are these 2? The only different as far as I can see is the messageID column.