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May 01, 2018 at 08:51 AM

Billing Price calculation S4 Hana Cloud



As of today, we have an old SAP ECC 6.0 installation running (for the last 18 years!)

Now we are going to implement a new S4 Hana Cloud solution. And here I have a question for the billing process.

As of today when we a going to invoice an contract, we have the possibility to overrule the quantity on the contract to another value. Where to get the value is depending on some of the fields on the material (SD masterdata MVKE table) used in the contract. Here we have the two fields MVGR1 and MVGR4:

The contents of MVGR4 tell us WHERE should we get the quantity from. And the special one is when MVGR4 tell us to use a value from the Classification data from the customer. The content of MVGR1 then tell us which of the classification values should be used for quantity amount. Classification data could be “Number of residents”, “Number of Employees” and so on.

So if we have a contract with a material that says that we should use the “Number of residents” for calculating the price, then we reads the Classification quantity in CABN table and then multiplies with the pricecondition (KONP table). All done in user-exit!

But as far as I understand we do not have Classification data for the customers in the S4 Hana Cloud. And we do not have this user-exit thing in the S4 Hana Cloud.

Can anyone tell me if I have any other functionality in the Cloud solution for this alternative quantity calculation?

Best regards