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External Mail with attachment as PDF - Digital Signature is getting disturbed

May 01 at 08:42 AM


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Respected Madam / Sir,

I have created a report program with selection screen that selects the attachment PDF file from desktop and sends an external mail with PDF as an attachment.

The report is running well, but with one issue, that when I am downloading the PDF attachment from the sent mail and opening it, I found that the Digital Signature is got disturbed.

Please note that the attachment is TDS Certificate downloaded from Traces website of Govt. Of India and digitally signed thereafter.

Image before sending mail (is valid with green tick mark):

Image after downloading attachment from sent mail (is invalid with red cross):

Please help.



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ERP tag removed as I do not see any relation to it. Further you forgot to attach your screenshots


Why do you have to do this in SAP? MS Outlook or any email client can do this...

Either way, at least the screenshots and relevant ABAP code are needed to attempt an intelligent answer.

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1 Answer

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Former Member May 02 at 06:11 AM

Dear Experts,

Thank you for your answers.

I have copy and paste screen shots images but somehow it is not appearing.

May be I have done a mistake in doing so.

Meanwhile my issue is resolved.

Solution: I have passed I_attachment_size in add_attachment method.

Thank you once again,



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copy and paste screenshots does not really work. you should click the icon with the landscape to upload the screenshot from your local disk