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HANA Studio Draw Result Set poor performance

Apr 30 at 09:56 PM


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We tried to perform SELECT * on HANA table in Studio. Table has 200K records and approx. 200 columns. Query executed in ms. Draw result set is running for ever. I noticed that it is consuming all my laptop memory and after few mins, it reaches to 100% consumption. We've same table on SQL server and when user runs same query on SQL server, he gets entire o/p in approx. 7 mins.

It seems like HANA studio is not the correct tool to perform SELECT for huge dataset. We tried TOAD, it is taking approx. 9 mins to return entire dataset.

Users are not adopting HANA due to poor performance with data display for huge dataset compared to SQL server.

Has anyone come across similar issue? What is the correct tool for ad-hoc analysis in such scenario?



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1 Answer

Lars Breddemann
May 01 at 01:02 AM

You've misread the label on the packaging!

SAP HANA Studio explicitly never was intended to be a reporting UI or data dumping tool.

That's why result sets are limited by default.

That's why there's barely any configuration options for data output.

It's not meant to be the tool for that.

SAP HANA Studio is/was the primary development/administration tool. Its further development has been stopped in favor of the new tools (WebIDE, HRTT, DBCockpit, etc.) - that's all well documented!

For mass data export, use other tools that are designed for that.

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Thanks Lars. What tool is recommended for mass data export?




That, of course, depends. SAP HANA provides ETL options, like server-side EXPORT, SAP Data Services can export/import into various systems/formats, and there are tons of other ETL tools that can connect to SAP HANA via JDBC/ODBC.
A key point of SAP HANA, though, is that mass data processing should not happen outside the database. That's why there are integration options for R and TensorFlow.