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Nov 03, 2008 at 08:15 AM

10054 : WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer


Dear All,

ECC 6.0 Linux(RHEL5)/ Maxdb7.6

We are frequently getting error "Connection reset by peer" in the SAPGUI. Even Application server and database is running fine still we are facing this after some time and whenever we are working from customer premises.

We have gone through the SAP Notes 155147, 26086,500235 etc and try to find out whether there is any network related problem.

We have run following commands

At application server

niping -S 3299 -s -I t=0 (Application server)

At presentation server ( USER desktop)

niping -S 3299 -c -h -L 3600 -D 1000

We go the error message from the above niping command which we have run at the presentataion server.Shows that it may be due to network problems. But network team is saying that the network is working fine.

As suggested by SAP We have set the parameter rdisp/keepalive to 300 still we are facing the same error

The session opened at the customer desktop after some idle time the session is not responding for any t-code . When we clieck on the GUI after some idle time its getting disconnected.

If we again connect to the system we can see the last session active at the server side. Could not understand what is the issue? Is there any one face this issue?