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Preventing Revenue Start/End Date from changing when Status is set to Won

Hi All,

In C4C opportunity, when a user changes the status to 'Won', the Close Date changes to the current date (that's fine) But the Revenue Start and Revenue End Date also change to the current date (that's bad).

Is there a way we can configure the system to prevent the Revenue Start and Revenue End Date from changing when the status is changed? We use those dates for forecasting and we would like to keep them the same as the user originally set them to.

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2 Answers

  • Apr 30, 2018 at 08:38 PM

    Hello Sandico,

    I ran a test in our Internal Test System 1805 release with workflow rules. I could set a condition for Opportunity Status = Won but when I tried to do a field update the Revenue Start and End were not available for my selection. This makes me believe that this is not possible by standard means.

    Going deeper in the concept behind it, when the opp is won it gives a whole consistency for a sales quote in the sequence - the system seems to fix this to ensure the data consistency towards the next Sales Document involved.

    My suggestion is to seek a custom implementation for this or create extension fields that mimic the information filled in the first moment. Other colleagues insights will be welcome in this discussion, in these first findings. Bye!

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    • Thanks Fabio for the test, appreciated. We don't use Sales Quotes, so the system behaviour doen't make sense for us unfortunately. I would just like confirmation (even from someone else), that SDK is the only possible way to do this.

      I guess, with the other way, creating two new date fields, hiding the original date fields...if we went that way, then we wouldnt need a workflow to prevent the system behaviour...

  • May 09, 2018 at 05:11 PM

    Hi Sandico,

    I was very surprised by your post because we are using the Expected Revenue Start and End dates to track when revenue should be reported and I never had the case when those dates were changed by C4C.

    Could you look at your configuration to see if the option Sales => Opportunities => Do you want to enable revenue scheduling for opportunities on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis ? is checked or not ?

    We do have it activated even if we do not schedule revenue at product level but only at the opportunity level.

    We also use a custom status and not directly the status in opportunities but I do not see why this should have an impact.

    Hope this can help.

    Best regards,


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