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Nov 03, 2008 at 05:00 AM

mrp type considering forecast and external requirements


Dear All,

we have a requirement related to CBP.

where we have to consider the following.

1.Forecast values---uploaded externally monthly wise

2. consider external requirements(sales orders)

i have tried with this

At customization:

i have tried with copying V1 mrp type i.e reorder point with external requirements where i have kept "include external requirements---External reqmts within replenishment lead time"


Forecast ind. ---> + Obligatory forecas

Cons. Ind. F'cast -

> G Total consumption

MRP Ind. Forecast ---> G Total requirements

Reduce forecast -

> blank

at material master level:

mrp1:- mrptype as "v1"

reorder level---> manual entry

Lot size MB Monthly lot size


Safety Stock


Period Indicator M


Period Indicator M

Forecast model G

Initialization X Tracking limit 4.000

Hist. periods 2 Forecast periods 1

i have created a sales order say 10

plant stock 0

forecast vales 25

safety stock 4

when i run MRP for this it is considering only the forecast values and created a PR for the "25" quantity.

is there any way where i run MRP it will create PR with both Forecast and Sales order i.e salesorder 10+ forecast 25+ safety stock4==39