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Nov 02, 2008 at 06:00 AM

Problem with portal page refresh


Hi All,

I have a portal page which displays a table with 2 editable field columns and one save button. This is basically a dynpage application.

Behaviour of this portal page:

Ex: Following are the 2 editable columns: say increase amt and increase percentage.

The end user logs in, enters the increase amt manually, presses enter. Page gets refreshed and corresponding increase percentage is calculated and displayed in the 2 nd column of the table. So everytime if an increase amt is entered, pressed enter, the corresponding increase percentage is calculated. When this is repeated for multiple times also, page is refreshed and percentage is displayed. This is working fine in DEV portal.

In QA portal, only one time the page is refreshed and percentage is displayed. Second time or consecutive times, when amt is entered and pressed enter, page is not refreshed and hence percentage is not displayed. But when you logoff and log in, you could see the percentage. The problem here is only with the page refreshing.

This application is not browser dependent. But the things which are working fine in DEV portal are not working in QA portal.

Note: Recently patches were put on QA portal.

So cleared the portal cache - No luck

Restarted the server - No luck.

What could be the issue?

Hope I am clear.

Please suggest.