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Oct 31, 2008 at 08:59 PM

Problem in Templates moving from Corporate SM to Plant SM


We have a Solution Manager system ( D10) where we had created few templates. These templates are linked to different scenarios. We want to bring these templates to the plant

Solution Manager system (M50) where the template rollout is going to happen.

The plan is, after bringing the templates in M50, during the Project

creation in M50, the templates appear in the 'Template selection' tab

for scoping.

The transports were released from D10 and moved to M50, but the

templates are not appearing in the 'template selection' tab of

the 'scope'


1) How do we get the templates from one Solution Manager System to

another SM system?

2) The transports related to templates were moved from the Corporate to

Drive system. Is it enough? Anything else missing so that the

templates show up in the Drive system?