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Oct 30, 2008 at 02:46 PM

MM - Material master data - move standard field to another view


Hi everyone,

ÉCC 6.0 - release 7.0.

I've been adding many custom fields in Material master data MM01/02/03. Now I got a problem because we have to use a standard field in another view.

The field MARA-HERKL is set up to 'SV'(attribute V_130F-PSTAT):

Warehouse management = S

Sales = V

I want to add 'K - Basic data' in this field's attribute at OSMR Tcode , but this attribute is disactivated. I can not change this value.

I've check this note 306966 that mention: You cannot create new entries and delete entries in client 000. This client contains only the entries delivered by SAP which are used for distinguishing customer-specific fields and SAP standard during the maintenance of the other clients.

Is there any problem whether I delete this field and afterwards create it with the new values?

I'm not in client 000. So, I want to just make sure I will do a legal change.

thank you in advance,