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Oct 29, 2008 at 01:39 PM

BLAREL IDOC is failing to post in SRM



We are trying to update the Release Orders from backend PO into the SRM GOA.

From the sourcing in SRM we create a GOA and distribute the GOA to backend system.

After distribution a contract is created in the backend system. In the backend from contract we create a purchase order. When this happens the IDOC BLAREL is triggered from R/3 to SRM . From the R/3 end there is no error, however in the SRM end the IDOC goes into error with the message "Object Linkage for Global Outline Agreement does not exist".

After some analysis we found that

1.The table SRRELROLES does not contain an entry with the correct OBJTYPE. Its checking for object type BUS2014 but in the table there is an entry for BUS2000113.

2.The status of the contract is u201CIn Distributionu201D, even after Backend contract is created successfully in the R/3 system

3.We have manually executed the BBP_GET_STATUS_2 and CLEAN_REQREQ_UP but they were of no help either.

4.IDOC configurations seem to be correct because not all the BLAREL Idocs are failing.

5.We have also found that in few Idocs Plant in the contract is different from the plant in the PO created in R/3

Now we are not sure whether the problem is because of point 2 or point 5.

Please let me know if anyone has experienced similar problems and resolved them.

Thanks, Amith