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Purchase Requests and Orders - Purchase Requests (Manual) account assignment

Dear SAP Experts,

I was looking into the new functionality Create Purchase Requests (Manual) in SAP ByDesign and I spend some time looking into the Account Assignment on this new functionality.

Unfortuly I could not find it, which brought me over to the process (looking at the system behaviour on this document on a creation of a Purchase Order and so one).

My understanding is: for this new functionality, there are two options:

1 - It is valid only for stock products ( account assignment defined on the product ID)

2 - The buyer should know or contact the requester to add this information on the creation of the purchase order

My case I would like to create an indirect Purchase Request and Purchasing Order, which brings me to option 2.

Note: On the Shopping Cart and also on the creation of a Purchase Request from the Project, the Account Assignment is mandatory.

Someone know why the accounting assignment is not available on this new functionality at the Purchase Requests (Manual)?

Thank you,

Pedro Muller

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2 Answers

  • Posted on May 03, 2018 at 12:06 PM

    Dear Pedro,

    As per our product development there were 2 actual requirements behind developing manual Purchase Request.

    1. Requirement was people creating Purchase Request from planning proposal. The planning proposal is based on live cache and does not support extensibility and approvals. Due to this limitation there was request that approval should be enabled for Purchase Request created out of planning proposal and Purchase Request should be extensible.

    To meet this we created manual Purchase Requests so that instead of creating via planning proposal users can directly create Manual

    Purchase Request and it will update the planning view once the Purchase Order is created and ordered out of this manual Purchase Request.

    1. Requirement was to have support for to stock items for shopping cart. This was technically difficult as shopping cart is currently not connected to SCM objects so changes in shopping cart was considered high effort. Since Purchase Request already supports to stock items and is integrated with SCM process it was decided to make an option to allow creation of stand alone Purchase Request which will act as substitute for shopping cart. This is reason we have a separate worklist also for manual Purchase Request with limited purchasing functions so that it can be assigned to users other than those with full purchasing role.

    Your requirement is a valid so I would request to submit your requirement in ByDesign Idea Place (public).

    We can enable non- stock items on manual Purchase Request if there is demand for it in a future release.

    Best Regards,

    Sahalya Begum

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    • Dear Pedro,

      To submit your requirements or others for futures releases please use the below link which will direct you to the Influence portal.

      Using the same link you can see All Influence Opportunities,My Improvement Requests,Delivered Improvements

      How many customer have voted an opportunity and also you can track the status of the opportunities.

      I hope the above information clarified the questions, if so please close this thread.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,


  • Posted on Apr 30, 2018 at 10:09 PM

    Hi Pedro,

    I too realized this shortcoming when evaluating for a client - they were excited to be able to use this functionality until we both realized it was only for stock material. They do not use the Shopping Cart - it appears that for whatever reason it was decided that if you want to do Non Stock requests you must still use the Shopping Cart in order to assign the appropriate Account assignment information. Unfortunate.

    Curious to hear why this was designed like this...

    Ed Govett

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